Free wifi is available in all museum spaces

QR Code Routes

Scan the QR Code found on the labels for the permanent exhibits and find out more on the designs, the techniques and the iconography of the exhibits.

Two Museum On-Line LEXICONS

Our electronic on-line Lexicons can be found outside ZEM workshop, on the Museum’s ground floor, and in the ZEDET workshop on the third floor of the Museum.

The two Lexicons are encyclopedias of jewelry history where visitors can search information about the history of jewelry to the most recent jewelry exhibitions in the world.

Available access and routes for people with disabilities

The Museum supports access for people with disabilities.

Live Artists’ Studios

The Artists’ Studios, ZEM & ZEDET, the first interactive jewelry workshops built within a European museum, began their operation in May 2017. Visitors may watch the demonstration of ancient and modern metalsmithing techniques and the use of traditional crafts and experimentation of new materials in a newly motivated jewelry artists’ hub. Jewelry workshops are held in the Artists’ Studio to generate knowledge and grounds for the production of new contemporary jewelry.

Catering Services

With their sophisticated blend of functionality and aesthetic refinement, the ILJM’s purpose-built, exquisitely finished spaces are designed to accommodate all kinds of social and corporate events.

Open Research Library

The ILJM Library is an exceptional research library, one of its kind in Greece in its focus on the art of jewelry, Museum catalogues, Greek and International publications, Auction catalogues etc.

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Museum Shop

The ILJMuseum Shop is located on the Ground Floor of the Museum and is open daily during museum operating hours.

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