A gem in the heart of the historical center, ILJM is synonymous with the cultural “entertainment”.

In its 25 years of operation, its founder’s vision for a pioneering museum became a reality: fascinating temporary exhibitions, publications, internship programs, educational programs, activities for the disabled and vulnerable social groups, seminars, lectures and guided tours are just some of the innovative programs that have made us pioneers in the field of culture.

In our ambitious goals, one step is the most important: the first! The spark that will activate the vision is the financial and above all the moral support. Our supporters will take on the historical role of contribution in order to regenerate hope through culture. Now is the time to make our supporters “shareholders” of our vision.

We recommend that you continue to be part of this effort by renewing your annual subscription, but above all, we thank you warmly for your time and support. For more information on subscriptions and sponsorship opportunities of our museum, please ask for the Donation Form at