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AFILJM – American Friends of the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum

The American Friends of the llias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum (the “American Friends” or “AFILJ M”), a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt corporation, was founded in July 2014 to strengthen ties between the llias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum (“ILJ M”),  based in Athens Greece and its American public. The AFILJM’s primary goals are:

● To promote collaborative relationships among museums and non-profits in the United States that further the mission of the ILJM to preserve, document, and study ancient and contemporary goldsmithery and jewelry-making techniques.

● To promote educational initiatives examining the history of ancient Greek art through contemporary jewelry, through the development of cultural activities in the U.S. such as educational and professional programs, scholarships and exchanges.

● To participate in financing Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum projects, such as fellowships, restorations, educational programs and renovations of galleries both in the U.S. and in Greece.


Mr. George Tsougarakis, President 

Lena Saltos, Secretary

Jeffrey Siger, Treasurer

Marilena Christodoulou

Maria Contos

Vanessa Diamataris

Helen W. Drutt English

Keith Jewel

Sofia Milonas

The American Friends seek to share the richness and vision of the ILJM with millions of Americans through the generosity of your contributions. Donations to the American Friends are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. For further information, statements and projects, please visit our website or contact us at


Current Projects to be Funded from your Donations:

○ Lecture Series Featuring Greek and US Academics

○ Exchange of Traveling Exhibitions between ILJM and American Private and Museum collections

○ New Technologies in Museums

○ Free Educational Programs for School Groups and Visitors with Disabilities

○ Internships

○ Artist in Residence Program

○ Enriching Museum Collections

○ Hephaistos Summer School at the ILJM