The ILJM offers an annual Cultural Program with seminars, lectures, and workshops for adults and families.

Every year the Museum offers a rich program of seminars, lectures, and workshops. On the occasion of the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution, the ILJMuseum celebrates the 200 years anniversary of the Greek Revolution with the new temporary exhibition “Form Follows Function, 200+200. Decorative and Applied Arts 1621-2021”.

The Museum invites renowned Greek artists to introduce their art. The seminars cover a rich choice of themes and give the participants stimuli, encouraging them to experiment and re-inspire. The themes that are offered vary and include the use of many different materials and applications.

The ILJM lectures have become a tradition in the past years. We have had the pleasure of presenting numerous speakers, renowned in their particular field of expertise. Talks have ranged, in terms of their subjects matter, from jewelry history, art history museology, and archaeology to fields like psychology and astronomy.

With the establishment of the Metalsmithing Studio and the Jewelry Crafts Studio, in May 2017, the Museum now offers workshops on different jewelry techniques. These workshops are conducted in the two live workshops.

Satelite Programs are conducted in Greek, however selected seminars do take place in English. To stay updated for any seminars in English stay tuned to this category.