“A History of Revolutions” at NYC Jewelry Week 2023

“A History of Revolutions”

A Group exhibition of 21 Contemporary Studio Jewelers

15 – 17 November 2023

Consulate General of Greece, NYC


21 jewelry artists from Greece and the US unite in one exhibition with unique works inspired by past and present remnants of revolutions across the globe.

Embraced by the ILJM’s historic exhibition “Form Follows Function: 200+200” for the 200 anniversary of the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire (1821-1829), comprising historic applied and decorative arts dating from 1500 – 1900, a supplement of events in a satellite program with educational and creative projects, include the organization of this contemporary studio jewelry show bringing together Greek and US Studio Jewelers presenting their personal message for NYCW 2023.

This temporary exhibition ends a cycle of events, inextricably linked to the theme of the historical exhibition, but without completing it. Emerging issues that have impacted historical and recent global cultural, aesthetic, and artistic practices have consciously inspired the artists in this exhibition. Participating creators have focused on interpreting understandings of nationhood, tradition, gender, and body to critically center the past with the contemporary moment. The exhibition develops the concept of thinking historically in the present by adopting a working methodology that privileges the role of intuition and incidence.

Contemporary creators are assigned in two directions for their inspiration. Greek studio jewelers are empowered with the dynamism of the Greek revolution of 1821. Inspired by historic mottos, heroes of the revolution, literature that hymns courage and glory, events and traditions, traditional costumes, and jewelry, their work triggers a personal message. Artists from the US have been assigned to respond with a more liberal approach applying to their personal inner search for artistic expression inspired by any revolution that applies to their experience as citizens of a modern society.

Both nationals chose artifacts or social issues following an imaginative journey through history and tradition which leads to the discovery of unique creations. Innovation is demonstrated with the choice of bizarre materials and forms. Large pins and neckpieces, polymorphic body jewelry, vests, table, and small objects are only some types of artistic interest. For their construction obvious or unexpected materials are chosen. Precious metals, paper, textiles, clay, wood, dried fruit, embroidery threads, silk fabrics and even family heirlooms from family chests were opened and utilized.  Different materials add to a rich palette of colors expressing revolt, anger, freedom, sadness, or rebirth. Artists follow very diverse paths governed by their educational backgrounds, adding artistic value to the whole of their composition.

Completing 30 years of operation, ILJM continues to aim in preserving and promoting the art of historic and contemporary jewelry and decorative arts. As an international hub the museum remains at the service of the community, supporting education and research, projecting contemporary design, and defending creativity and innovation in our country’s artistic production.













*Greek artists to participate will be announced shortly